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This is how describes me (in June 2024):

”Nanok Bie is a journalist and editor with expertise in digital media, futurism, and cryptocurrency. He currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief at Cryptopolitan, a cryptocurrency news outlet. Bie has a diverse background, having worked in various media roles and authored a book on technology for younger readers.

He’s known for his insights on Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Bie has a significant online presence, with profiles on professional networks like LinkedIn and journalist platforms like Muck Rack.

He’s described as one of the world’s most published writers, reaching up to 40 million readers across 19 countries. His work often focuses on explaining complex technological concepts, particularly in the realm of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

In addition to his journalistic work, Bie has been involved in various digital media projects and has spoken publicly about the transformative impact of the internet.”


2024–now: Editor-in-Chief,
2022–2024: Editor-in-Chief at, helping,, and others.
2021-2022: Editor-in-Chief,
2016-2021: Editor-in-Chief,
2015: Freelance writer.
2011-2014: Staff Reporter, Swedish Television News,
2009-2011: Internet Correspondent, Metro.
2005-2009: Reporter, Metro International, TV8.
2002-2005: Managing Editor, media portal at 3.
2000-2002: Reporter at Metro, daily newspaper.
1996-2000: Reporter at Dagens Nyheter,, biggest daily morning newspaper in the nordics.
1992-1993: Editor-in-Chief at culture magazine Monitor.  
1992-1997: Reporter, Editor at entertainment magazine Nöjesguiden.
1991: Freelance writer.

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I’m also a Swedish dude: för att läsa om mina senaste fynd i min jakt på intelligens på nätet följ min sub: PSMN.




| Overview |

Highly experienced and awarded journalist, media producer and format developer with a proven track record of independent journalism, production of mobile and web services, tv programming development – as well as from managing large scale media projects.

| Work History |

  • 2023 – 2024: Strategist / Editor-in-Chief (2021-2024) at Webonanza. Helping a diverse set of news sites and organisations achieve growth, among them clients like,,, and others.
  • 2021-2022: Global Editor-in-Chief at – hiring, strategizing, editing, managing and developing the whole news product. • Tokyo/Sthlm • 2016 – 2021.

  • Editor-in-Chief. I came up with the concept, and led the news team at and grew the audience from 200k monthly readers when I got onboard in 2016 to over 17M pageviews at peak months.

Bahnhof/Elementica • Stockholm • 2016.

  • 6-month mission to create the branding for a new generation of cutting-edge heat recovery data centers under the moniker (climate-positive urban data centers).

KNC • Stockholm • 2014 – 2015.

  • Director of Communications, Marketing & PR at KNC.

SVT (Swedish Television) • Stockholm • 2011 – 2014.

  • Full-time staff reporter with ”the Internet” as my specialty.
  • Dedicated commentator in SVT:s news show ”Aktuellt”.
  • Edited news online front pages.
  • Developed new web TV show ”Kommentatorerna”, inspiring the basis for a quick-online broadcast concept later realized with a new fixed studio.

Metro International • Stockholm/London • 2006 – 2011

Internet Correspondent

  • Independently covered the web, tech and mobile news daily and weekly, in fixed formats for both Swedish and international editions. One of the world’s most published writers with up to 40 million readers globally.

Strategic New Media Feature Development • 2005 – 2011

  • Outlined functionality for new web and mobile features, from blogging platforms to mobile news presentation.

TV Reporter • 2007 – 2009

  • Featured reporter/panel member within web/mobile services for a weekly television show at Swedish tv channel TV8. • Stockholm • 2005 – 2007

  • CEO at mobile music service and supporting tech infrastructure company group – managed start-up process, from 0 to 10 employees.

3 (mobile operator) • Stockholm • 2002 – 2005

  • Managing Editor / Editor-in-Chief, developed media portal and content partnerships for mobile operator 3in the Nordic region and international mobile media portal – in close collaboration with marketing departments worldwide. Staffed and managed a large team of editors.

NJIN Theory • Stockholm • 2000 – 2001

  • CEO at start-up web agency, developed sites for record companies and tv shows and others in the Nordic region.

Dagens Nyheter (Daily News) • Stockholm • 1996-2000

  • Reporter and Editor at the Cultural Affairs department at Dagens Nyheter (The Daily News) covering topics such as music, nightlife, web/tech and ”mainstream” news.

Brand Management • Stockholm • 1995

  • Production Manager developing shopping sites, magazine sites etc.

Universum / Fri Media • Stockholm • 1994

  • Web developer / producer creating sites for media companies as well as for other commercial companies (also within the financial sector).

Monitor • Lund • 1993

  • Editor-in-chief, monthly magazine on music / entertainment / culture.

Nöjesguiden • Lund/Stockholm • 1992 – 1994

  • Reporter/Editor covering topics such as music, tech, nightlife, restaurants (and the burgeoning web).

| Technical Skills |

Proficient: WordPress (some PHP), Final Cut, Avid, Photoshop, Indesign, Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

HTML / CSS (incl. web hooks et al). Some PHP, Lua & Javascript. Learning Swift. Been dabbling in many more languages over the years.

Web ”expert” with a deep knowledge of processes and services online.

Experience from countless mobile apps as a reviewer.

Broad knowledge of a multitude of standard desktop applications like Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Keynote, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc, and OS:es like Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, Symbian, Atari ST.

Extensive experience in audio/video formatting, mastering and publishing (anything from Cubase, Live, Reason, Maschine and Logic to Resolume, Handshake).

Experience from many more software suites and applications. Too many to mention here really. Been at it since I was twelve, in 1984, when I started programming Microsoft Basic on a C128. Oh, the memories.

Founder and managing director of start-up (, supporting IT-group and platforms. Managing editor at mobile operator 3 during global launch of network, services and media portal.

Mixed skill set; journalism as well as corporate marcom – and format / concept / product development. Also; strong managerial skills. I’m also well-versed in environmental issues after creating the branding for a new generation of data centers utilizing energy (heat) recovery technology. And I know a thing or two about the world of crypto after covering the area for years.

| Role Experience |

Reporter • Blogger • Format Developer • Editor • Producer • Writer • Columnist • TV Host • Field Producer • UI Designer • Managing Editor • Editor-in-Chief • CEO • Marketing Director • Futurist • Speaker

| Summary of Qualifications |

  • 10+ years of research and experience from the Blockchain industry.
  • 25+ years of experience gained in the general media industry, incl. 10+ years in daily news media – at the central desk at SVT Swedish National Television and at Dagens Nyheter (Swedish morning paper daily), for instance.
  • 3+ years of experience from within the Telecom industry. Experienced mobile UI and digital product developer.
  • Several years of experience from PR, Marketing and Communication, as a CEO and as a Director.
  • Popular with readers as one of the world’s most published correspondents within web/tech and mobile content.
  • Extensive experience from fast-paced newsrooms as well as from building web and mobile services from the ground up.
  • Highly knowledgeable about the tech, online and mobile spheres.
  • Extensive experience from developing print magazines, newspaper editions, et al.
  • One of the world’s first bloggers, founder of the world’s first blogging community.

| Prizes and Awards |

  • Awarded ”Best Online”, 1998 – Internetworld, for the blog community Reload.
  • Nominated to ”Kristallen”, 2006 – Swedish television’s big prize, for the tv series ”Söderlund & Bie”.
  • Awarded the ”Gold Mobile”, 2007 – the Mobile magazine’s yearly award, for the mobile audio streaming service MyQuran.
  • Awarded the ”Big Blocktech” award, 2017 – nominated by ”the public” and selected by a committee.
  • As the Editor-in-Chief, ”my” news site ranked first as the best crypto news site in 2019 by

| Career Achievements |

  • Spearheading the Climate Positive Data Center revolution at Elementica (high performance computing processing city plant).
  • Requested for the advisory board at Dreams (next generation banking app).
  • Headhunted for the position as Director of Marketing & PR at the world-le
  • Appointed commentator on Internet issues for news show Aktuellt, SVT, 2011 – 2014.
  • One of the world’s most published writers; appointed Metro’s global Internet Correspondent (up to 40 million readers, translated into 19 languages), 2006-2011.
  • Weekly columnist at Tidningen Journalisten (Swedish Journalist Union’s paper and web editions).
  • Released the 96-paged hard cover book ”Nyfiken i en strut” (introduction to technology), 2010 – in collaboration with Tekniska Muséet (Technical Museum of Sweden).
  • Awarded ”Guldmobilen”, 2007 (”Gold Mobile Award”) – for mobile web service MyQuran.
  • 1 million+ weekly viewers, SVT TV show Söderlund&Bie, in 2006, a Swedish prime time family-oriented television series (nominated for the TV award ”Kristallen”).
  • Created and distributed the world’s first mobile streaming music app in 2004/2005 –
  • ”Best Online 1998” – award from Internetworld for ReLoad – The World’s First Blogging Community.
  • Youngest (at the time) full-time employed journalist at prestigious daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter, at age 23, 1996 – 2000.