Hi, I’m Nanok Bie.

I’m a ”futurist”, an analyst and a communications strategist with a very hands-on approach. After leading the news team at from 2016 to March 2021, growing its readership from 200k to over 15M monthly pageviews, I am now looking for new challenges.

Formerly a straight-shooting mainstream media reporter at the biggest MSM outlets in the nordics for many years (SVT, Dagens Nyheter, Metro) I’m still the occasional tech pundit (for instance for the Swedish news site I’m sometimes referred to as a an information architect. I’ve also built a few IT-based companies. So what am I? Who knows?

After helping one of the biggest Bitcoin miners in the world with their communications as their CMO 2014-2016, I ran a 6-month project creating the branding and communication around a new ”Climate Positive” Data & Computing Center called Elementica, as well as updating the green certification Triple Green. I’ve been doing seminars and workshops on Internet issues (a lot of ”blockchain”) for a diverse set of organisations and companies. I also advice on/in the world of Bitcoin.

I’ve been nominated to and won a bunch of awards over the years, from Swedish Television’s big prize Kristallen and Internetworld’s ”Best Online”, to the ”Big Blocktech Award” – and the ”Gold Mobile” Prize (Tidningen Mobil:s Guldmobilen).

You’ll find the details in my CV here.

I also blog sporadically at, where my focus lies at the intersection of media, technology and macroeconomics.

And here’s even more info