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About me (English)


Hi, I’m Nanok Bie.

I’m a ”futurist”, an analyst and a communications strategist with a very hands-on approach. Formerly a straight-shooting mainstream media reporter for many years I’m still the occasional tech pundit (for instance for the Swedish news site I’m sometimes referred to as a an information architect. I’ve also built a few IT-based companies. So what am I? Who knows.

I ran a 6-month project in 2016, creating the branding and communication around the new Climate Positive Data & Computing Center Elementica, as well as updating the green certification Triple Green. I’ve been doing seminars and workshops on Internet issues (a lot of ”blockchain”) for a diverse set of organisations and companies. I also give advice on/in the world of Bitcoin.

I’ve also been nominated to and won a bunch of awards over the years, from Swedish Television’s big prize Kristallen and Internetworld’s ”Best Online”, to the ”Big Blocktech Award” – and the ”Gold Mobile”.

You’ll find my CV here.

I also blog sporadically at, where my focus lies at the intersection of media, technology and macroeconomics.

And here’s even more info